B-1R circle bracelet (sm, md, lg) C-1R circle choker (sm, md, lg) R-1R circle ring (size 6, 7) E-1R circle earring E-CD circle drop earring N-LCD large circle drop necklace C-3R three circle
N-CD circle drop necklace
N-10 circle chain w/ toggle
9 circle chain with lace crosslace cross earringlace chokerlace cuff braceletlace hoop earring
 N-9SMX circle chain E-LX lace cross earringN-LC lace chokerB-LC lace cuff braceletE-LH lace hoop earringw/lace cross
C-MB mesh choker with buckle (chain 3/8” wide) C-MB mesh choker with buckle B-MB mesh bracelet with buckle (chain ½” wide) E-MD mesh
drop earring
E-MD2 double mesh
drop earring
E-MD3 triple mesh
drop earring
N-M2 double mesh
strand necklace
N-MD2 double
mesh drop necklace
N-MD3 triple mesh
drop necklace
N-RM rose choker or belt
on round mesh
N-RC rose necklace with
multi-strand chain
B-RC rose bracelet with
multi-strand chain
E-RC rose earring with chain N-RD2 double rose drop necklace N-RD rose drop necklace N-RBD rose bud drop necklace E-3CD chain drop earring
CIRCLES & SUEDE    all suede items come in black, brown, tan, or redCONCHOS AND SUEDEMESH AND SUEDE

 C-1SMRL small circle suede choker C-1LGRL large circle suede choker B-1SMRL small circle suede bracelet B-1LGRL large circle suede bracelet B-1LGRL2 large circle double suede bracelet B-5FCL  5 flat conchos on suede (shown close together & spread appart) B-5FCLH 5 flat conchos with heart on suede 3 B-ML group shot B-WML wide mesh on suede B-ML narrow mesh on suede
HEARTS    all suede items come in black, brown, tan, or red   |   the marks and texture on the hearts surface add to their overall beauty & character

suede choker with hear pendantheart 1 on suede chokerheart 2 on suede chokerheart 3 on suede chokerheart pendant on on  chainheart pendant on on  chainheart pendant on on  chainheart pendant on on  chainhand hammered heart earringstextured heart earring
Heart on suede necklace C-1RLBH1 hammered
heart on suede
C-1RLBH2 frosted
heart on suede
C-1RLBH3 battered
heart on seude
Heart on chain
P-BH1 hammered heart
on chain
P-BH2 frosted heart
on chain
P-BH3 battered heart
on chain
E-BH1 hammered heart earring E-BH2 frosted heart earring
PRINCESS   all suede items come in black, brown, tan, or red

princess ID detail for suede and chain B-PIDL bracelet, C-PIDL choker
TRACK LINK-------red -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
track link chokertrack link chain chokertrack link bracelettrack link hoop
   N-TL track link necklaceN-TLC track link chain necklaceB-TL track link braceletE-TL track link hoop earring
lariat with zia pendantzia earring
N-ZIA lariat w/zia pendant E-ZIA zia earring
NEUTRINO--------------------------- neutrino drop necklaceneutrino drop earings
N-ND neutrino
drop laria
E-ND neutrino
RINGS   rings come in sizes 6 thru 9  |  custom sizes are available  |  fees may apply MESH RINGS comes in any size
  R-TL track link ring R-TLB track link ring w/bar
(sizes 5-7)
R-TLS track link ring w/stone R-DBT textured double band ring R-DBS double band ring
R-5T stacked groove ring R-DB double band ring Mesh Ring Group Shot R-WM1 single wide mesh ring R-WM2 double wide mesh ring R-M2 double mesh ring R-WM3FC wide mesh ring with 3 flat conchos